Monday, July 10, 2017

Writing 4 Children - Tommy Donbavand

Tommy Donbavand is one of my children's book author heroes. Not only has he battled with cancer and documented his experiences for other cancer sufferers at, he is also so generous with his time and advice.

He is a legend and I was lucky enough to interview Tommy for my Writing 4 Children slot in the July 2017 issue of Writers' Forum. He told me about his Scream Street series and how it was adapted for TV.

In the feature he talks about how he ensures his fantasy world is as 'real' as possible. He recommends other aspiring authors who are writing series fiction to spend time getting all the rules and details correct. He likes to fill notebooks with scribbled ideas for character types, names, story plot ideas, themes and the differences between reality and his fantasy world.

You can find out more about Tommy Donbavand's books and writing career at:

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