Monday, July 17, 2017

Vera Morris' Research Secrets

I read a lot of crime fiction but I have a guilty confession at a certain point in the book I will always be tempted to read the ending before I have finished the book. I love to work out how the author has weaved in all the clues and red-herrings into the plot and sub-plots. It is like a jig-saw puzzle.

Some of the best crime fiction I have read are those where the author has spent time on the atmosphere and setting of the book. In my Research Secrets slot in Writers' Forum for July 2017, Vera Morris explained to me how she used her research to do just this. In her two riveting crime thrillers, Some Particular Evil and The Temptation published by Accent Press, she definitely captures the flavour of the era and area her novels are set.

Vera talks about how she found newspapers of the period invaluable. She checks what the weather was like, times of sunrise and sunset, sports results and TV / radio schedules. All this helps create a very authentic backdrop for her novels.

To find out more about Vera and her novels check out her website:

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