Monday, July 03, 2017

NAWG Writing Festival

I will be teaching this year at the NAWG Writing Festival on the 1st - 4th September 2017.

I will be doing four workshops in total. Two on the Saturday and two on the Sunday. Here is an outline of what they will involve.

Writing Children’s Books Starting with Theme
This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore writing a picture book looking in depth at picture book structure, layout and theme as a basis to writing your own picture book. The aim is to plot and start writing a new picture book idea by the end of the workshop to take home and polish.

Writing Children’s Books Starting with Character
The focus of this fun workshop is to create a children’s book character and get to know them thoroughly by looking at dialogue and finding your character’s voice through role play and games. The aim is to come away with a new idea for a children’s story.

Creating Conflict in Children’s Books
Conflict is a storyteller’s best friend. The stronger the problem, the stronger the story. This workshop will suggest ways of developing conflict in your children’s stories using real life case studies as a way to develop your plots.

Creating Emotion in Children’s Books

This workshop will give you an opportunity to write a wide variety of emotional scenes by exploring your own senses. Play with all five senses to keep your readers involved, maybe off balance, but always interested in what is coming next.

To book see the NAWGFest2017 website.

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