Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Literacy Teacher Training Handbook

Now, some of you know all ready how I spend hours seaching for myself on the web. Yes, I do! And I have mentioned that I have set up Google Alerts for my name so if anyone writes about me I get sent an email with the link so I can go check it out.

Sometimes this brings up things that make me sad, like the bad review I got for my book, The Literacy Teacher Training Handbook on Amazon. It's really mean. :(

This is one of the books I am most proud of writing. It covers the whole of the Primary Literacy Framework suggesting three or more activities for each of the learning objectives from Year One to Year Six. It is jam packed full of ideas and I would highly recommend it to new teachers, highly-experienced, supply teachers, learning support assistants and I would also recommend it to anyone who needs an idea for a school visit activity.

There are ideas for drama, reading, writing, speaking and listening and working creatively in groups.

I think it is a brilliant book, even if I did write it myself. In fact, it is the book I wished I'd had when I was still teaching full-time.

OK, rant over! Go have a look at it for yourself and make up your own mind what you think.


Lynne Hackles said...

I too was upset when I received a bad review about Writing From Life. Then I checked out the name of the reviewer and guess what? It seemed their role in life was writing bad reviews. They slagged everyone's book off. Further investigation showed they had never written a book themself.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thanks Lynne,
You always have a way of cheering me up :)
I have a sneaky suspicion that the person who reviewed my book works for Scholastic. LOL!
Love Anita xxx