Friday, March 04, 2011

How to Turn a Sheep into a Dragon

As part of my youngest son's homework for World Book Day, he had to make a model of a fairytale adventure. He made up his own. It consisted of a castle in a shoebox made from card and toilet rolls and a lot of orange crepe paper where it was burning down. He then came and asked me for a dragon to put in it.

Unfortunately, I did not have any dragons. Why not? I'm not quite sure. Every mother should have a stock of miniture dragons handy just in case of emergencies. However, what I did have was a rather cute selection of sheep, which I had knitted after, Sarah McIntyre's, Vern and Lettuce book launch. See post: Vern and Lettuce.

So, I added some wings and a tail and hey presto... I turned a sheep into a dragon.

Here is the dragon in its habitat. I hope you like it.

What has this got to do with writing for children?

Well... because I liked the title so much, I have spent the day writing a picture book text called 'How to Turn a Sheep into a Dragon' - it is all about a sheep who wants to be a dragon and the crazy things it gets up to on its quest. It needs a bit of editing but, I hope to send it to a publisher sometime soon.

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