Monday, January 31, 2011

What are you afraid of?

Today I read a post by the amazing Teresa Ashby on her blog, A Likely Story. She compares her initial reactions to a rejection letter and then explains what it really means. Read her post at: What do rejection letters really mean?

When I was submitting short stories to the women's national magazines, Teresa use to astound me by how many she wrote and got published. I'd never have believed she got a rejection letter if I hadn't have read it for myself. I honestly thought every story she wrote was so brilliant it automatically got published.

Now, I had a little success in getting my stories published in these national magazines but, came to a grinding halt when I realised all the stories I got in were about people dying in car crashes. Hmmmm! Weird! Talk about writing out the pain. I had quite a few rejection letters for my short stories and use to keep them all in a big blue ring-binder. My wonderful friend Lynne Hackles has told me to throw this file away as it is bad karma. But, I am unable to part with it and I've hidden it in my library in the attic. My reaction to these rejection letters was exactly as Teresa described. Almost word-to-word!

I have had less rejections for my children's writing but the statistics have been manipulated - partly because most of it has been commissioned and partly because I work on the theory you can't get rejected if you don't send it out.

Anyway, Teresa has helped me a little. Maybe I will dust off my children's fiction and start sending it to publishers and maybe I will think about it for a little bit.


Teresa Ashby said...

Thanks for linking to me, Anita! I think Lynne is right - bad karma to keep such things. Just keep the ones that have good advice and helpful comments!
Don't think about sending your childrens fiction off to publishers - do it! :-)

Anita Marion Loughrey said...


I know you are right about the file. My problem is I am not sure which ones give helpful advice and comments.

As for the children's novel, maybe I need to edit it a bit first.