Saturday, December 04, 2010

Taste of Christmas

On Friday, I travelled into London to the Christmas food fayre at ExCel - a Taste Of Christmas. I would like to say I was doing research for a book or feature, but this would not be true. I won tickets to go from Peugeot, who are sponsoring the event.

There was loads of chocolate, coffee, cheese, wine and spirits to sample. My favourite was the rum. I tried quite a bit of that and went back for seconds. I also tried the gin, which I am normally not so keen on.

I got to see Anthony Worrall Thompson cooking live at one of the demonstrations, which was quite fun. I found out about some special food for IBS sufferers and I ate samples of food from some the UK's top restuarants.

I also got to meet the very gorgeous, Andy Pearson, a mixologist. He was there in conjunction with Funkin cocktails! He told us how to make 'raisin rum' and demonstrated how to make a chocolate cocktail. You might recognise him from the BBC Sunday morning show, Something for the Weekend.

Andy Pearson

He must have one of the best jobs in the world. He gets to taste all sorts of alcohol and is paid for it. That must be the next best job after mine - day-dreaming for a living. He told me how he was travelling back home to Yorkshire after the event that day and that Yorkshire had got a lot of snow, unlike West Berkshire. I hope he got home OK!

For those of you who are interested, Funkin cocktails are the ones they used at the Caerleon student bar. I did taste several yesterday but, never achieved my aim of trying them all whilst at the Writers' Holiday. But, then there is always next year.


MC Rogerson said...

Sounds like a fun day out! Congrats on the win!

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thank you :)

Julie P said...

Now if you could combine day dreaming for a living with wine tasting you'd be well away (and chocolate tasting of course!)


Anita Marion Loughrey said...

What a great idea :D

Lynne Hackles said...

Your post reminded me of the pina collada I had at Caerleon. I hope to repeat the experience in 2011.
Do you ever stop at home and write? Or is it all gallivanting off to London?

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

LOL! I do some of my best writing on the train ;)
Last year in Caerleon, we had Pimms Night and we were going to have cocktail night too. But, after working so hard in the workshops we ran out of energy.
I hope they have the cocktails again for 2011. I still plan to work my way through the menu. :)

Tina Lemon said...

Sometimes, a bit of alcohol does help writing - as long as you don't overdo it like Hemingway did. So, you can still say the trip was all to push your writing up another level... ;)

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

LOL! So when I sort my tax forms out I can claim for the alcohol I drink. :)