Monday, December 13, 2010

Meeting Andy Stanton

One of my youngest son's favourite authors is Andy Stanton, who writes the Mr Gum series. So, when I was invited to go to a book signing on Saturday 11th December, at Victoria Park Books in Hackney, London, I was very happy.

Joe took along all the books he had (except Book 6 - which he has lost, but I am sure will turn up again eventually!) We also bought several new ones - that I have never bought before. (I refused to buy Book 6 again, as we all ready have it somewhere!!)

This meant Andy had a massive big pile of seven books to sign. Andy impressed me by signing each one with something different. He can even write backwards. That was pretty cool! To my surprise, Andy managed to persuade Joe to get one of the books signed to his brother.

It was a great event with mulled wine and mince pies. Yum!

Before, we arrived at the bookshop though, we went to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park Corner. The boys went on a couple of rides. Dan convinced me to go on the Christmas Coaster with him, which I loved. We also went on the Giant Observation Wheel and Dan promptly decided he was scared of heights.

Being the kind, understanding mummy that I am, I told him to stop talking rubbish. How can he be scared of heights when he just went on the Christmas Coaster? Then, I remembered - I am scared of heights too.

Hmmm! Maybe he looks a little nervous.

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