Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Chainsaw Gang

Some of the best most gruesome YA horror writers have got together to form The Chainsaw Gang and are currently undertaking the Twelve Deaths of Christmas Blog Tour. You can find out more details on who the members of The Chainsaw Gang are and the books they have written, at:

The tour started off on Monday at the My Favourite Books blog where the YA authors answer the question:
Did you think you would end up writing darker horror fiction than we normally see?
On Tuesday, they were featured on Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books and you can find out their answers to:
How would you describe yourself, as a character, to be portrayed within one of your books?
Yesterday, they were at Narratively Speaking where they talked about the spookiest place they have ever visited. If you want to read the answers to these and other gripping questions, the dates and locations for the entire tour are:

Monday 6th December - My Favourite Books
Tuesday 7th December - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books
Wednesday 8th December - Narratively Speaking
Thursday 9th December - Wondrous Reads
Friday 10th December - The Book Zone
Saturday 11th December - Book Gazing
Sunday 12th December - Book Gazing
Monday 13th December - The Book Zone
Tuesday 14th December - Wondrous Reads
Wednesday 15th December - Narratively Speaking
Thursday 16th December - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books
Friday 17th December - My Favourite Books

They are also writing a Twelve Deaths of Christmas song, adding a new verse each day. Take a look if you dare!!!

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