Saturday, November 06, 2010

An Evening with SCBWI Published Authors

On Thursday 4th November, I travelled into London for the last of the Professional Series meetings being run this year.

As normal I was very excited - not only was the evening a chance to celebrate SCBWI successes but also, the authors on the panel, who have all had debuts out this year, are my friends, some of whom I had not seen for quite a while. Jon and Steve had even travelled all the way from the, far and distant North, especially for the event.

Here they all are:

This pictue was one of the ones taken by Ben and lifted from Candy's FB page, as mine didn't turn out very well. I really should have worn my glasses.

In the picture you can see the panel: Steve Hartley, Ellen Renner, Jon Mayhew, Candy Gourlay with Jackie Marchant, the Professional Series Coordinator, standng at the end of the table making the introductions.

Over the next few days, I plan to blog about each of the panel and how they became published.

But, before I go for today, here is a picture of my friends Sarwat Chadda and Christina Vinall because it is one of the only ones that turned out OK.

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