Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anita the Poet

I've never thought of myself as a poet but a few weeks back, I was approached by Iain McGregor, about a poem I wrote which was showcased on the Thatcham Writers' website.

Iain is a photographer and had taken a lovely picture of a fairground and wanted something to go with it on his flickr account. He found my poem online and got in touch to see if he could use it. I was more than happy for Iain to use my poem and was extremely flattered.

Here is the picture and my poem for you to see for yourself:

© Iain McGregor

The Fairground by Anita Loughrey

Laughter and screams
Fairy light beams
Images blur
Flickering stream of light
The Waltzer spins
As colour gyrates
To the mayhem of sound.

Sparks spray
Wires skim the chequered array
Dodgems crash
Carriages thud
Around the circuit
The cars trudge
Past the bedlam of faces.

Generators churning
Slowly turning
The big wheel climbs
To dizzy heights
Snuggling couples
View the sights
A commotion of intertwined places.

Toffee apples crunch
Flocks of children bunch
Flecks of candyfloss
Stuck in their hair
Singing and shouting
Without a care
In the chaos of the fairground.

The poem has also previously been featured in a teacher resource called ‘Here comes the Fair’ published by the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust, in conjunction with the University of Manchester and Manchester City Council.

I have also have another poem published too, in an anthology called Mixed Emotions and I wrote a poem a few weeks back, especially for National Poetry Day. So maybe, deep down, I do have poetic tendencies.

To see more of Iain’s photos take a look at his flikr account.

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