Thursday, October 07, 2010

Where I feel at Home

As you all probably know, today is National Poetry Day. The theme this year is HOME. So, I thought to mark the occassion I would dress up like a poet and try and write a poem about where I feel at home.

Home is where?

Comfy chair
Computer stares
Mouse and mat.

Here I’m sat
Watch rain fall.

Ideas fizzing
Hear words call
Children smile back from the wall.

Tippity-tap, tippity-tap, tippity-tap

Stop for lunch
Munch! Munch! Munch!

Pencils, paper
Shelves of books
Screen and keyboard
Take a look.

Tippity-tap, tippity-tap, tippity-tap

Lost track of time
Going to be late
Little boy waiting at school gate.

Children sleeping
Turn on the light
Where did I get to?
Type into the night.

Tippity-tap, tippity-tap, tippity-tap

Printer whirring
Stapler clicks
Flick! Flick! Flick!
Great big tick.

Soft warm bed
Lay down my head
Star Trek beams
On TV screen.

Sleepy eyes
Words are creeping
Wait till morning!
Now I’m yawning.

Home is where?
… home

My son also wrote me a poem to put on my blog:


Homes are
Method of
Expressing feelings
                                                   by Daniel Loughrey (Aged 12)

I think his poem is very clever and much better than my effort.


Anonymous said...

I love both poems.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thank you Sue

Alice L said...

Thought it was funny you dressed up as a poet. Do you think it helped?

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Hello again Alice,
Yes, I think dressing up as a poet did help. :)
I have never considered poetry as one of my strong points and very rarely write any. So, I surprised myself a bit on National Poetry Day. LOL!