Friday, September 10, 2010

Blue Elephant Storyshaping

Had a great time at the Agent's Party last night, meeting up with good friends and making some lovely new ones. :) You will be pleased to hear I managed to pitch my novels to a couple of the Agents too and they asked me to send in my chapters.

Whilst I was there, I heard all about Blue Elephant Storyshaping, the exciting new venture of Natascha Biebow, ex-Random House picture book editor and SCBWI-BI Regional Advisor. If you are a children's book writer of picture books, young or middle-grade fiction, and need some help shaping your stories pre-submission to agents or publishers, check out her website at

She says: "Publishing is changing. In the tough marketplace, publishing houses have limited in-house resources and are aiming to reduce their overheads by acquiring more finished, high-quality books that don’t require as much polishing. Agents are also increasingly pressed for time and their job is much easier when they are sent fully developed projects to place with their clients. Blue Elephant Storyshaping can help you hone your work so that publishers and agents sit up and take notice of your submissions.

I recognize that each book is unique and that authors and illustators are individuals. I have the time to help you develop your craft, understand the creative process, and can empower you to find your vision. Blue Elephant Storyshaping can tailor its services to help you shape the book that you have always wanted to write or illustrate. Together we’ll go on a storyshaping journey. We’ll explore, have fun, dig deep for the heart of your story. Sometimes it will be inspirational, sometimes it may be challenging, but together we will craft the best book inside of you."

Contact her at: hello at


kathryn evans said...

What a great idea! Good luck with this Natascha x

Nick Cross said...

Wow, outsourced editorial! Is this the shape of things to come? Sounds like a really good idea and a smart move on Natascha's part. And fun too.

Of course, I'd disagree with the idea that agents and editors don't always have time for this sort of thing. My agent actually likes the story development part of the process best.

Alice L said...

What an fantastic idea and opportunity. I will look into this. Thx again.