Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's my Birthday and I'll FLY if I want to!

Hello Everyone,

How yoooooou doooin? That was my Joey impression btw. Just in case you didn't recognise it. I've been practising.

Well, five blogs so far for August. I think I deserve a medal... or at least a Birthday card. YES tomorrow it is my birthday and I will be 28, give or take a few years. On Sunday, I went out for a lovely meal with my friends. Me and Claire both have birthdays this month, so we were both celebrating.

Here is a poem my friend, Les Baynton, wrote especially for my birthday after an early afternoon at the pub:

I am a children’s writer
I can do no harm,
But when I’ve had some vinos,
You’d better sound the alarm
Now I’ve had to grow up,
I’m really forty five and…
It’s great to be alive
I’m a web designer…
A children’s lit advisor
But when in Wales,
What you’ve seen…

My crazy hat, glitzy dress-yes..
I want to be a Dancing Queen
Anita dance on …………… no fears,
Take no notice of those passing years.

                                          © Les 2010

Not only is it my Birthday tomorrow, at six o'clock in the morning I will be leaving for Heathrow Airport, as we are going to Cyprus for two weeks. That is a double exciting day for me. ☺ Think of me lounging by the pool, with a cocktail or three. Remember, every hour is Pimm's o'clock when you're on holiday. LOL!!

I'm leaving on a jet plane...


Julie P said...

28? Pah! A mere babe! Hope you enjoy Cyprus - don't forget the sun screen lotion (Oh no, I'm turning into an old mother hen!)

I love Joey!

Julie xx

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thanks Julie. Sunscreen now packed and a sun hat too. :)