Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wow! My book is in a Top 5 list!

Yes, I was really excited when I found out that my book, Explaining Diabetes, is in the Top 5 Disability and Special Needs Books in the US.

However, maybe this is not as good as I thought? The list is for Borders bookstore in the US. I thought Borders didn't exist anymore. Maybe it hasn't shut down in the US, or maybe they still have an online presence, or maybe my book was in the top five many months ago and I only just found out. Should I feel good about this? So many questions.

Anyway, whatever, I think it is still quite exciting to think I have written a book that made it into a Top five list. To see the list, take a look at: Borders Online.

But, isn't $75.95 a copy kind of a lot of money? The RRP is only £12.99 in the UK.


Miriam Halahmy said...

Well done, Anita, very well deserved and you can send this around Amazon, etc. and get them to sit up and take notice too!

Sue Eves said...

Hi Anita - Happy New Year!
I went in to Borders over the holiday - in San Francisco and it was definitely open - if only I'd known, I could have looked you up.
There was one Borders that had closed down - further up town but like you say - they're still functioning online.
Congratulations, chart-topper!

Simon Whaley said...

Hi Anita

Congratulations! The Borders closures only relates to UK stores. Don't panic - your American fans will still be able to buy you!

Jez said...

That's fantastic, way to go!
And we've had a few closures here in Chicagoland, mostly in malls, but overall Borders seems to be doing really well in the area & isn't going anywhere. Your books are safe here :)

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and reassurance. I checked again this week and the book has now dropped from Number Four to Number Ten. but, It was nice to be up there... even for a little while.

Jon M said...

Hurrah! Well done!That's ace!