Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Apologies to all those people that I should have got back to and have not. I have a very busy schedule at the moment. I will get back to you... I promise. And if I don't - send me a reminder.

I like to fool myself I work best to deadlines. But, now another 'Deadline' is looming and hopefully I will get the book finished on time. All I need to do is focus my mind. LOL! It is the first of a series of four books on ICT and will hopefully be out on the shelves by Jan 2011. I will let you know more soon.

Got a series of pictures books on Shapes due out Sept 2010. Keep a look out for them. When the covers are through I will post them here on my blog.

Meanwhile, this is a picture of me in my new glasses. I need to wear them more and more often nowadays.

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