Monday, August 10, 2009

Who do you sleep with?

Last night I was sat in bed reading. I often read before I go to sleep. I was reading, 'Page after Page' by Heather Sellers and in her book she suggests writers should take books to bed. I felt pretty pleased with myself since that was what I was doing.

In her book, Heather Sellers said we should all get into the habit of reading in bed. We should read every self-help book we can get our hands on and watch our resistance to new ideas. In this way, we court the writing life by simply reading. She called this wooing. She recommends reading indiscriminately.

This got me wondering. What authors do other people find wonderful to sleep with? I'd be interested to know.


Julie P said...

I like muder/detective/forensic type books from authors like Patricia Cornwell, but I can't read them in bed as they'd give me nightmares. I tend to read the short stories in the women's mags -or, if I really want to send myself to sleep a book on English Grammar!



Simon Whaley said...

For me it's more of an orgy! I have two non-fiction books on the go and two novels too, as well as a range of magazines. In fact, I'm surprised I actually manage to get into my bed, there are so many people already in it!

Lynne Hackles said...

I often read The Secret when I'm in bed. Or Noel Edmonds' Postively Happy. The one I keep returning to is Dan Millman's 'The Twelve Gateways to Human Potential'. Its a good way to go to sleep - thinking you can achieve anything.

Sue Hyams said...

At the moment I'm sleeping with Samuel Pepys! He's very entertaining company.