Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What is the point of Facebook and MySpace?

Whilst I was at Caerleon I was asked, 'What is the point of Facebook and MySpace?' To which my first response was... it's a good way to procrastinate and waste time.

But, Facebook and Myspace are good networking tools.

  • Both Facebook and MySpace are social networks where you can meet like-minded people with similar interests to yourself to discuss and share information.
  • Both MySpace and Facebook have the facility to blog.
  • Myspace and Facebook also have message boards where you can share comments.
  • Both have a facility for a newsletter subscription where you can set up a group, invite people to join, and mail to everyone at once.
But, writing a regular e-zine is a big task. Keep it simple and don’t flood people with too many. In my opinion more than once a week is too much. In this way you are using social networking less as a promotional tool and more as a legitimate way to meet new people.

Me and my dog Mutley (1991-2006)

I also use Facebook as my reward. If I have finished a task I allow myself a bit of time to relax and go on FB and water my virtual garden, kidnap a few people and write on my friend's walls. It serves the same purpose as walking the dog use to do - a time to give my brain a rest from writing - especially if I am about to start a new project. I need this break to clear my mind ready to start again.

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Julie P said...

It's so easy to let yourself slip into procrastination by visiting Face book and the like, though, isn't it, Anita! I find I have to be very strict with myself or I'd be on there way too much. I agree it can be great for networking.