Thursday, July 23, 2009

Review of The Literacy Teacher Training Handbook

The Literacy Teacher Training Handbook by Anita Loughrey is an extremely useful and informative guide to support the Primary Framework for Teaching Literacy. Although aimed, primarily, at teachers in training and non-literacy specialists I feel it would be useful for all teachers in a primary school, whatever their background.

The organisation of the book which goes through the literacy strands is ‘user-friendly’. The bullet-pointed activities provide enough detail to help teachers plan without being over prescriptive. The format encourages teachers to select the activities to suit their pupils’ needs. The photocopiable sheets are well presented and helpful for busy teachers. I particularly liked the ‘Identity Parade’ sheet where children are asked to describe characters but could be used in many other ways too.

For non-specialist and trainee teachers it would have been useful to have a glossary for technical terms. This is though a minor criticism. Overall, I was impressed by the handbook and will recommend it to trainee teachers whom I supervise on school placements.

Rachel Linfield
Senior Lecturer Leeds Metropolitan University

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