Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What children's non-fiction will survive the electronic age?

Here are some of the books that I believe will survive the electronic age. I have tried to highlight children’s books that I think will capture a child’s imagination and make them want to read more. I have mainly chosen children’s non-fiction book but, I have also included some fiction which are based on fact.

Eyewitness Guides
The Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guides are full of brilliant photographs that grasp a child’s imagination whilst giving them a realistic portrayal of the world around them. This type of dramatic visual stimulus encourages children to want to find out more.

Pick Me Up - Stuff You Need To Know...
I reviewed this book in 2006. See: Book Review - Pick Me Up. Again, it is a visually engaging book that describes itself as information for the ipod generation. This sort of resource is the way into children’s non-fiction as it gives snippets to capture the child’s interest and hopefully make them want to explore the issues further.

Walker Books' Read and Wonder series
Picture books, such as Spider Watching by Vivian French, Think of an Eel by Karen Wallace and others in the Walker, Read and Wonder series, convey factual information without appearing like a heavy duty reference book. The quality of the information is extremely good. The illustrations are lyrical as well as poetic. There is a rhythmic feel to the book that will engage a child to want to read over and over again.

Walker Books’ Start with Science series
Books such as, Oscar and the Bird: A Book about Electricity by Geoff Waring provide enough information to satisfy a thirst for information within pictures that are full of the wonder and intrigue. This is one of a series of books about Oscar the cat, which are open-ended to encourage further reading. Such books will encourage an interest in research and children’s non-fiction from a very early age.

Running Shoes by Frederick Lipp
This book shows what it is like in Cambodia using a fictional story to transmit the message. I believe introducing fact through fiction is a powerful tool and can help to engage a child’s mind and stimulate them to want to learn more.

Archie's War by Marcia Williams
Archie’ War is classified as fiction but, the information can convey to other children what it was like in Britain during World War One, by portraying life through the eyes of a child. It is full of oversize spreads with collages of period post cards, taped-on bric-a-brac, newspaper clippings, fold-out letters from the front and hilarious, highly detailed comic-strip style cartoons drawn with coloured pencils.

If you can think of any other children's non-fiction books you believe will survive the electronic age please feel free to leave a comment and tell me your ideas.


Anonymous said...

i nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award (it's a meme). chekc my blog for details!

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thx Candy

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