Thursday, March 20, 2008

Procrastination or Working?

Today I do not feel like I have acheived a lot.

After the initial mad morning rush, I decided not go to the gym this morning, as I was concerned I would not have enough time. It was my youngest son's Easter assembly at 11am and he would be wearing his Easter bonnet, which the whole family had helped to make last night. I did not want to miss it.

Before I went, I checked my email from all three of my email addreses. Played a couple of games of spider solitaire. Posted out two author interviews and danced around my study to my Dirty Dancing CD because I had all this extra energy that was preventing me from staying sat in my seat.

When I got back, I made myself a rather large bowl of sugarpuffs, as all I had for breakfast was a mug of coffee. Then I checked my mail again and answered a few people, or acknowledged their mails. Then I updated my friend Lynne Hackles' website. Played a few more games of Spider solitaire. Looked at my blog and compared my early photos with the one I took last week just to see how much weight I'd lost over the two years I've been blogging. Had a guilt-free lunch. My friend lisa arrived and after talking a bit about writing projects we are working on, we walked to the local church to watch our sons in their Easter performance at 2pm. My middle boy was a member of the crowd and had a few lines. All very sweet.

Then I popped into town to pick up my daughter's Euros for her school French trip . They are going to Normandy for a week. It should be very exciting. I went straight from town to pick up the boys from school. Came home defrosted the chicken pieces for dinner and wrote this blog.

So is it procrastination or have I been working? I am unsure. Hopefully, I will get some real work done after dinner.


Rhea said...

What a cool school trip your daughter's going on! To Normandy, wow. I went on a school trip to Spain once.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Hi Rhea,
Yes, it does sound a cool trip. I never did anything like that at her age - at least not with school.
Spain sounds pretty cool too though.
all the best,

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Well all,

I was very surprised to find that Maria Niles had linked to my post on procrastination. I'm afraid another thing I do to procrastinate is google myself.

Gosh I'm so sad!!!!

Anyway, read her post at:

Anita xxx

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