Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who's Afraid of the World Wide Web - Blog Panel

Candy has informed me this is the first ever online Blog Panel. Isn't that cool? Another new breakthrough for technology. Well, it impressed me!

As you can see from Candy's very clever picture, the four addicted bloggers on the panel are:

Sue Eves - Sue writes picture books and children's novels. Her lastest picture book The Quiet Woman and the Noisy Dog has recently been accepted for publication by Andersen Press. You can find Sue on Facebook, Myspace and her blog: http://suezzzart.blogspot.com/ Read her Blog Panel post - myspace, facebook - why bother?

Me - I write teacher resources and non-fiction for children. I have about ten books published by various educational publishers - some of them can be viewed on my website. My blogs include this one and a blog of book reviews on my MySpace. I also dabble on Facebook. My questions and answers for the Blog Panel can be seen below in my Why blog? post.

Sarah McIntyre - Sarah is a brilliant illustrator. She has illustrated the Xmas card this year for the Cutty Sark - you can buy yours here. As well as, having her own website www.jabberworks.co.uk, a blog and being on Facebook, Sarah has set up a community blog for members of SCBWI with LiveJournal. If you take a look you will understand why she has a mermaid's tail in the picture. You can read her Blog Panel interview at: web panel interview.

Addy Farmer - Addy has several books due for publication. Grandad's Bench comes out with Walker Books in August 2008. Here is a picture of the cover:

She also has a picture book due to be released by Tamarind Press in 2008 and a book based on her Wilf's World fictional blog, Wilf and the Big Cat, being published by The Friday Project in August 2008. Take a look at Addy's Blog Panel interview at The Brilliant Blog Panel Interview.

For more details on the Blog Panel take a look at Candy's blog - Notes From the Slushpile.

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