Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pick Up A Play

Pick Up A Play - Plays for Primary Schools - Ages 9-10
Hopscotch Educational Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-905390-36-6
Price: £35

This is a super file (even if I do say so myself) and is part of a series of differentiated plays at three ability levels for each year of primary school. Pick Up a Play for ages 9-10 contains 27 different plays to photocopy, which can be used for guided reading or performance on stage. Each play is accompanied by detailed teachers' notes that provide suggestions for making costumes and props, as well as performance ideas for each of the characters. The plays are closely matched to the new Literacy framework and indicate cross-curricular links.


  • Childhood Experiences - friends, school journey, Victorian childhood
  • Traditional stories - fairy tales, myths and legends, fables
  • Stories form other cultures - creation stories, Chinese festivals, Christmas

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