Saturday, July 28, 2007

Annual Writer’s Holiday

Tomorrow morning, I am going to Caerleon for my annual Writer’s Holiday. As previously mentioned, several times, this is my highlight of the year.

I will have my breakfasts, lunch and dinner made for me and absolutely no washing up (or loading the dishwasher). I get my own little room with my own bathroom and every morning whilst I'm learning how to write at one of the daily workshops, someone comes and makes my bed for me. It is BLISS!

I am planning to work on my children's novel for 9-12 year olds.

For more details about the Caerleon Writer’s Holiday see:

As I said last year, it is the most relaxing, most value for money writer’s conference I have ever been on. I truly recommend it. This is my fifth year of attending.

When I get back I may be able to write up some of the classes, I have attended. These will not necessarily be about writing for children but I am sure they will all be linked to becoming an author in some way.

Oh, and for those of you who are interested here are some photos during the flooding from the front bedroom windows:

The water had just started going down at this point. Look at the colour of the water. Disgusting, isn't it?

For more pictures of the floods near where I live take a look at these flood pictures.

Anyway, I'll see you all on my return.

Meanwhile, why don't you take a look at some of my previous posts and leave me loads and loads of comments.


Kate said...

Now that's what I call a holiday! I hope you share some pointers you learn!

Wilf said...

Yuk, hope you didn't suffer too much damage. Have a great holiday!

Jez said...

Have a lovely time! I hope to be able to do things like that in the future :)
Also, I hope the flood didn't effect you too much, other than grossing you out

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh Anita - hope you didn't suffer too much damage with all the flooding!

Hope though you have a wonderful time on your writer's holiday - said she, deeply envious.

Khylan said...

Sounds like an ideal holiday. Have fun Anita.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thanks for all your good wishes. Had a great time at Caerleon. I will sort through my notes and hopefully post something useful soon.
Love Anita xxx

Jude said...

Oh my goodness, that water looks awful! Still your writing holiday will have been fun I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Sure I've seen you with a straight hair picture before. Either way, you always look marvellous to me. Could hardly tell you how much I hope your writing will be a success. Mine's in abeyance, but you know that. Wishing you enormous amounts of luck. Happy Sunday, Anita.