Sunday, July 15, 2007

Agents who accept picture book authors

At the June Professional Series meeting, editor Emma Layfield spoke to us about picture book publishing at Hodder's childnre's Books. One of the most depressing things she told us is, Hodder Books no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts, they only accept picture book submissions through agents.
In my experience however, I have found there are very few agents who accept picture books on their lists. So I asked Emma, which picture book agents does she deal with. Here are a list of agents she told us accept picture books and whom she does frequent business with:
  • Eunice McMullen - Eunice McMullen Literacy Agency
  • Rosemary Canter - PFD
  • Caroline Walsh
  • Eve White
  • Caroline Sheldon - Caroline sheldon Literacy Agency
  • Alice Williams - David Higham
  • Pat White - Rogers, Coleridge & White
  • Catherine Clarke - Felicity Bryan

Full contact details can be found in the Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook, which by the way, the 2008 issue is due out soon.

If you have found this information useful kindly leave me a message and let me know. If you decide to submit your picture book to any of these agents, I would also be very interested to hear how you get on.


Wilf said...

Many thanks, Anita. This is supremely useful info. I'll let you know how I get on.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Great Addy,
All the best, Anita xxx

Kati said...

Really useful information Anita, many thanks! When your email arrived in my inbox I was just completing a sample pack to send to Caroline Sheldon who was recently recommended by a writer friend. So far I have had no positive response from agents I have approached (those who took the trouble to reply) even though over the years I have already had about 50 picture books published.
Will let you know how I get on (still optimistic!)

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Wow! Fifty books. Thats amazing. Good luck with your new endeavours though Kati. I'm sure your perserverance will pay off.
All the best,
Anita xxx

Jude said...

Anita- good to know... thanks. Hope your writing is going well.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thanks Jude,
I'm still plodding along.
Anita xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita,

Your site is the VERY FIRST ONE to actually present names.

As a newbie, I find I am getting very discouraged. However, with an actual human being to contact, perhaps I'll persevere a little longer.

Thank you very kindly,

treena-ivy-carter said...

I'm trying to publish a picture book I wrote when I was ten out of boredom. This is hopefully helpful to me.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Hi Treena,
Please keep in mind that the information here was relevant in 2007 when it was posted but, may be very out-of-date now. It is important that you check the most recent copy of the Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook (or similiar publication for the UK) to get the most up-to-date names and agencies.
Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you are successful trying to get your picture book published.
Best wishes,