Monday, June 18, 2007

Can you work like a visual artist?

When I first heard Pamela Johnson mention this, I thought she meant in the way picture book writers and seasoned bloggers use the shape, size, colour of their words and illustrations to add to the story. But, she meant so much more than this. Pamela was not just talking about how we write on the page but our whole working environment.

She meant, turn your writing space into a studio ~ sketch with words, trial pieces of paper about the room and sculpt them into a 3D version of your book ~ move things about, add some colourful phrases here and a touch of darkness there. Think, where is the light coming from? Put the light on the page. Look for key images within your story and draft them into key scenes to add texture to your text.

Ok, maybe I’m going over the top but writing is multi-tasking. So come on girls we should be good at it. Pamela did emphasise we should not try to glue down the pieces too early and allow our minds to free-flow.

Remember, writing can be a visual, multi-dimensional experience similar to painting or designing a structure.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very odd way to organize your thoughts. A bit like putting stickies on a mirror in a pub. Not sure I could do it - my internal visualizations are all crap. Go more for the "feeling" phrases give me.

Oh, also go for spreadsheets. Gotta show you sometime. But does sound a beautiful way to think :)


Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Hi David,

Putting post-it notes on the mirror in the pub helped - didn't it?

Be interested to see your spreadsheet idea though. Is it a bit like coming to see you etchings?