Monday, May 21, 2007

Wannabe a Writer

On Saturday 19th May, I travelled by train to London and went to Borders in Charing Cross Road to go to my friend, Jane Wenham-Jones', book launch.

Her latest book Wannabe a Writer was released on 1st of May by Accent Press. It is an hilarious, informative guide all about getting into print and is a must have for anyone who's ever thought they've got a book in them. It is jam packed with loads of useful information from a whole range of writers. There are over 50 contributers including (and this is where I get to quote loads of famous people and so my blog will come up when people search for them): Katie Fforde, Frederick Forsyth, Ian Rankin, Jilly Cooper and my dad's favourite author Jill Mansell. Cool, or what?

Jane is Writing Magazine’s agony aunt. Every month she writes a very personal and to the point reply to wannabe writers' questions. I first met Jane at the Winchester Writers’ Conference when I was on her course on how to write short stories. I have had several short stories published in national women's magazines since doing her course. We met up again at the Caerleon Writer's Holiday. Watching Jane dance on the table is one of the highlights of my week.

At the book launch I met other famous authors such as Adele Parks, Helen Lederer, Ray Allen and many more. In fact, I got 22 signatures in my book. Several glasses of wine later I left Borders very happy indeed.

So far, one of my favourite bits in the book comes under the heading 'Suck it and See' (no pun intended).

"Just start writing and see what happens - you might be pleasantly surprised.
Or you might not.

Do remember though at this stage it is supposed to look like rubbish. So
don't let theat put you off. Write, write, write. You can sort it out

I suspect this bit caught my eye because it is basically reiterating what I've said in my previous posts this month. Take a look at:

Don't Panic - Organise! - Step One:

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Also, and this is always a big selling point with me, it made me laugh. So if you only buy one book this year, I suggest you buy this one - Wannabe a Writer by Jane Wenham Jones. For more information about Jane and her books check out her website


jane wj said...

Thank you Anita, for all your lovely comments and it was great to see you. Hope you got some lunch eventually! ;-)

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Yes I did. I had a wonderful speghetti carbonara at this lovely Italian restuarant by Charing Cross Station. Definitely worth the wait.

Sue Eves said...

I'm impressed with your dedication to getting to readers/writers' events.
Thanks for the advice, Anita.

Do you have the May issue of Writing Magazine? I've been trying to get a copy with a list of picture book publishers who are currently accepting new authors/books. I haven't been able to find it. In the magazine world, we are already in June!

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Hi Sue,
Yes, I subscribe to the magazine. So I have a copy. I had a flick through but could not find the bit on picture book publishers. If you let me know what page it is, I'll photocopy it and bring it with me on Thursday.

Sue Eves said...

You're so kind. I don't know what page. Someone mentioned it on one of the message boards and I can't remember where I read it. It was just a passing comment, so I've no chance of finding it unless I read all the messages again!
Thanks for looking. See you Thursday.

Jude said...

Hi Sue...I mentioned the magazine, some time ago on the critique group, so perhaps this is where you read it. The publishers are mentioned in the insert- Writers' News - on one of the pages. Don't have it to hand at the moment, but it's in a boxed section. Hope this helps.