Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Published Books

For my third blog of 2007, I thought I would tell you all about some of the books I had published so far. Most are sold directly to schools.

Here is some information on the first five books I ever had published.

© Ellis Nadler 2005, cover and character illustration used under exclusive licence to PSHB Co Ltd

This was my first ever book. I still feel excited when I look at it. Although, initially it was a bit of an anti-climax when I actually got to hold it in my hand for the first time. I think the adrenalin rush slowly crept up on me. It is a workbook, which matches the requirements of the Literacy Strategy for Year 5. The children write directly into the book as it contains daily homework exercises for the whole acedemic year. It includes activities for word level, sentence level and text level.

© Ellis Nadler 2005, cover and character illustration used under exclusive licence to PSHB Co Ltd

I also co-wrote, ‘My Fourth Literacy Workabook’ with Deirdre Howard-Williams, who is chairperson of the ALCS. Both books were written for The Primary School Homework Book Company. For more information see the website:

Exploration and Encounters was developed with the busy teacher in mind and to meet the differentiating needs of individual pupil’s within the classroom. The pack is divided into twelve units that cover a world history study of the Aztecs, Cort├ęs and Christopher Columbus. Pupils can either work through all the worksheets or teachers can match specific worksheets from each unit to the pupil’s abilities.

Each unit can be taught weekly within the allocated history session and there are suggestions for cross-curricular links. Extension ideas, suggestions for display and resources have also been included in the teacher’s notes.

The photocopiable worksheets are ideal for developing the pupil’s historical vocabulary and communication skills as well as encouraging their curiosity in history. They promote imagination, creativity and thought whilst investigating historical sources to gain an in depth insight of the Aztec civilisation and the reasons for their rise and fall.

Pupils have the opportunity to learn about the past in the wider world and investigate how the past can be represented and interpreted in different ways and the reasons why people explore. The worksheets present complex historical concepts in an enjoyable and meaningful way using a variety of teaching styles and learning approaches. The pupils’ can evaluate the evidence to draw their own conclusions. Answer sheets have been provided so there are options for pupils to self-mark or teachers can delegate marking to a classroom assistant if required.

The Essential Literacy skills book contains self-explanatory worksheets matched to the KS2 Literacy strategy. This resource can be used by non-specialists and will provide instant cover lessons and stimuli for developing a wide range of important literacy and grammar skills. A full set of answers has been provided.

A similar pack has also been written and published by ZigZag Education for KS3 and is matched to the KS3 Literacy Strategy. It is called Grammar Worksheets for Y7/8. There is also a digital version available. For more information see:

I will tell you about the other, more recent, books I have written another day.


Wilf said...

THis is a great body of work, Anita!

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thanks Addy,

Lis said...

You should be soo proud!

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thanks Lis,
Sometimes I am and other times I feel I need to do more.