Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year Resolutions

The new year is nearly upon us and I've been looking back over the Christmas break to see if I'd achieved everything I intended in 2006. I came to the slow realisation I hadn't. Maybe my goals were too high. Maybe I did not try hard enough. But, I did achieve some of the things I wanted to and maybe this is enough.

I have re-evaluated my goals and aspirations and made a short list of what I would like to achieve in 2007.

  1. Attend the SCBWI Professional Series 2007 - I only managed about about two last year, as most clashed with family events and birthdays.
  2. Write more articles and short stories and have them published - I made a lot of new contacts last year and was able to extend my CV but, let a lot of the original publications I had work published already lapse, which was probably a mistake. I need to contact them and get my foot back in the door, so to speak.
  3. Find an agent / publisher for my children's fiction - I failed miserabley at this one. Not due to lack of determination.
  4. Keep going with the sequel to my children's novel for 9-11 year olds. I have let this lapse too, due to deadlines and other work commitments with my teacher resources I am writing.
  5. Continue writing teacher resources. I did very well at this last year and may have found my niche. I hope to continue writing teacher resources over 2007. I have now written and had published eight books and have got commissions for one more already to be written in 2007 and got fingers crossed for a few more that I'm waiting for replies on proposals. But, I never reached my target. My aim was to have ten books by the end of 2006 (five books a year).
  6. Stop wasting so much time. I have to concentrate on one task at a time and not get distracted.

So, do I feel successful? A little bit. I suspect I will never truly feel like I've hit the big time.

Anyway, I wish you all a productive 2007 and may all your wishes come true.

Love Anita xxx


Jude said...

Great news regarding teaching resources. Keep it up and best of luck with the fiction Anita.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thanks Jude,
And the same right back at you.

Wilf said...

Well done for all your past successes, Anita! Here's to lots more - a happy and successful 2007!

Atyllah said...

All the very, very best for 2007, Anita, may it be filled with success and happiness. May you go from strength to strength!

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thanks Addy and Nicky for your kind comments. I wish you both loads of success in 2007 too.