Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Thatcham Writer's Ovation

© Norman Jones

I belong to a writer's group called the Thatcham Writers. We have our own website: Last week we were performing a story we wrote collaboratively for the Thatcham Literature & Arts Festival and the feedback we have had is excellent. The unedited version of the story is on the website. The photo of us was taken at the Ovation Event by the official photographer Norman Jones. To see more of his photos visit his website: From left to right is Ian, Pat, Me, Steve, Tony and Dave.

We held our first short story competition and the prizes were given out by the Mayor at the event. We short-listed the entries and the judge of the competition was the highly acclaimed, international author, Marti Leimbach.

As a group, we have written and completed several collaborative novels. We have done this in several ways. For our first attempt, with a working title of Road to Brighton, we each invented a character that was on a bus going to Brighton. Then over a period of approximately twelve months we took our own characters through their story of what happened in Brighton and each character's story had to interlink with the other characters. The stroy became very complicated and exciting. I myself was very impressed with the completed novel.

In our second novel, we each invented a character who was in an explosion at a hospital. Then rather than keep our own characters we swapped and each person had a turn at writing a piece for everyone else's character. These characters had to interact. Again, we had a fantastic elaborate story that I am very proud of. One of our group members, Ian, has edited this novel and sent it out to agents but, sadly we have not had much luck so far.

Our third novel involved keeping our own character and over a period of seven months where we wrote a day of their life, starting from a Wednesday and ending on the following Tuesday. the characters were all very different and on the final day they all meet up on a tube train with catostrophic results. This novel was much darker than the others. The initial characters for each of the novels can be read on our website.

To find out more about the Thatcham Writers visit the website.


FeltWasher said...

I was there!

I thought the guy in the blue jacket with all the stiches coming loose was incredibly eloquent (and handsome as well) if a little depressing. If he was rich and a diferent sex, I would marry him. Everyone else was even better :)

Norrie said...

I was also there (and everywhere) that day. Thanks for the mention Anita. The festival was great, so varied and interesting. I learned so much from so many people.

feelingwashed said...

For myself, I liked the sexual references and occasional swearword (in the piece by the Newbury Dramatic Society). It's a shame that Thatcham Writers could only manage 'bitch', but never mind. Better things next time I guess.

The short play reading by Raiders of the Third Age was particularly inspiring with it's references to Ronan Keating and Val Doonican. The best bit was when it ended - there was a sort of somnambulent hush all over the room, as if the audience were so drugged only the dance of the following stripper could save them.

All in all, an evening to fondle, and one I shall readily recall with a sense of quiescent anticipation.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Dave, you do half talk a load of b*****ks. I wont say it as I'm much too much of a lady. Even though I was conned into reading the only swear word left in our story.