Thursday, September 28, 2006

Irene Yates's Writing Exercises

This is the last of my posts from the Caerleon writer's Holiday. I hope you found them helpful.

  • Write about being on a beach and how you experience it now as an adult in 300 words. Then write about being on a beach from a seven year old's point of view in 300 words.

  • Write the following emotions firstly from an adult’s viewpoint and then from the child’s:
    o Fright, fear, being scared
    o Freedom, release, independence, liberty
    o Power, control
    o Sadness, unhappy, misery, bereavement
    o Loneliness, left-outness
    o Shyness

  • Write about the following situations first as an adult and then as a child.
    o Sibling rivalry
    o Leaving home / school / town / comfort-zone
    o Family breakdown
    o Pet dying or getting lost
    o A thunderstorm
    o Parents arguing
    o Pressure to do what you don’t want to
    o Waiting for something / anticipation
    o Being with your best friend

If you have any other writing exercises you would like to recommend, I am very happy for you to post them here. Or if you try any of the above and would like to tell me how it went.

Until next time,

Anita xxx

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Jude said...

I have found them useful- thak you Anita