Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Leisurely Trip up the River

Yesterday evening, I went for a cruise up the river with my writing group the Thatcham Writers. We sailed down the River Thames toward Sonning and sat on top of the barge and read the latest bits we had written for our last assignment. For more details on the assignment visit:

It was so relaxing. I really enjoyed myself. Here are some photos I took:

Inside the barge

From left to right - Steve (the owner of the barge), Tony, Lisa, Geoff and Pat

Ian, steering the barge

The Thatcham Writers

From left to right - Tony, Ian, Lisa, Steve, Geoff, David and Pat

Unfortunately, both Phil and I are missing from this photograph. I was missing because I was taking the picture and Phil couldn't make it because of work committments.

For more information about the Thatcham Writers what we do and where we meet you can visit our website. There will also be more pictures of our trip added to the Thatcham Writers site soon.


Nicky said...

Must be great to be part of a writer's group that actually meets in the flesh. Nice to have that kind of close support.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Hi Nicky,
Yes. We've been meeting for several years now on a monthly basis. But, if it was up to some of the members we'd be meeting every week, eh Dave. As it is our next meeting is in two weeks time.
All the best,

Jude said...

Looks lovely.

Wilf said...

What a great idea to go on a barge! Might think about that for my group...

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Hi Addy,
We were lucky as steve lives on the barge.