Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Little Story

I’ve just re-read my previous post and thought I’d share a little story with you all.

I accidentally reversed the car into a pillar outside the co-op near where I live, last month. I had my three-year-old son in the back and we were singing the Wheels on the Bus at the time. It did quite a lot of damage to my car. But, luckily the pillar remained intake, else the jutting out roof of the co-op might have fallen down and another plus point was it hid the other minor dents where I’d reversed into the tree at the bottom of my driveway several times. In fact, the last time I got it mended it only lasted a week before I dented it on that stupid tree.

Well, I had to ring up and explain to the insurance company I’d reversed into the post and they gave me a courtesy car and took my beautiful car away. I had to have three cushions to see out of the windscreen of the courtesy car and it had no air conditioning and it happened to be that glorious hot week in June.

Anyway, a week later they bring my car back all clean and shiny and take the courtesy car away, which had only got one puncture whilst I had it and maybe a tiny chip on the front windscreen.

To my surprise, when I tried to lock the car after the man had left it made this funny beeping noise at me. I checked all the doors and they were shut. I checked the boot in case they had to change something on it but that seemed OK too. I thought to myself, maybe they’ve fixed the central locking and I just never realised that it’s supposed to beep when you lock it before.

I decided not to worry about it until I took my three-year-old son to nursery school and noticed there was a red sign on the dashboard, flashing STOP at me. Now I started to worry. I do not know a lot about cars but I do know, red lights should not flash at you whilst you are driving.

So, when I got home I gave the friendly man at the garage a ring. He talked to me on the phone whilst I walked around the car and re-checked all the doors and the boot again. I told him about the beeping and that before it went to be fixed it only beeped when the door was open but there didn’t seem to be one open. I also explained how a picture of the car comes up if a door is open to show you which one it is and that wasn’t happening.

The man from the garage was as baffled as me. So one of the managers very kindly offered to come and check the car over for me. Like I explained to him, I really can't drive the car with my children in it when it is flashing STOP at me. It might not be safe.

This very kind man comes all the way from Reading - a journey, which takes him 45 minutes. He walks around the car, shuts the bonnet and then has a 45-minute journey back to the garage. A one-and- a-half hour round-trip to shut my bonnet, I ask you!

In my defence, the man who bought my car back must have driven all the way from Reading in the first place with the light flashing at him. So, in my opinion he should have noticed.


Atyllah said...

That sounds like the secretary who called the technician when her pc wasn't working. Problem, she'd forgotten to plug it in! ;-)
But yes, strange that the fellow who drove the car down didn't notice the flashing.

Wilf said...

Great story! Reminded me of when I managed to break into someone else's car using my own key. Bizarre but true.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Did anyone see you? that would make it even more embarrassing.