Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Showcase Your Talent

There are a growing number of websites, which are arenas to showcase writing. Many of these websites include FREE membership. They involve uploading samples of your writing for critique or comment.

I have never used or tried any of these sites and personally feel quite dubious about putting my fiction on the web. This may seem a contradiction to some of you, since I've put many of my articles on this blog.

Today I have decided to list some of these showcase forums. I've put them in alphabetical order, which actually says a lot about me. Explore and develop your creative writing skills, get support from our editors, publish your short stories and poems online, get feedback and writing tips and meet fellow writers, all for FREE FREE online critique groups FREE writers' forum that allows budding authors to let others read and criticise their work FREE to join and set up on-line portfolio of creative writing. Contains discussion forums and a chat room Upload files to your own portfolio that can be viewed by members and others if desired Submit your writing FREE to a compilation of free-expression from passionate people for art, writing and photography Showcases short stories FREE Critique service and showcase Read finished or on-going stories and maybe have a go at contributing yourself Showcase your writing FREE Be published and be read. Writebuzz® has been developed to enable members to publish their writing, and to provide an exclusive resource for readers Forum for writers to promote, market and sell their work. Critique site, the more you critique, the more you get your work critiqued, and the better your work gets the higher your rankings get - with the ultimate prize being a critique from publishing professionals.

If you have ever used them or have opinions of your own about them, please do not hesitate to comment using the comment feature below. I have been feeling a bit disheartened that people rarely comment on my posts. I suppose I too am yearning for some form of feedback.


Wilf said...

Very useful list, Anita. I'm giving the Arts Council site a go and I'll let you know how I get on.

Jude said...

Some good links, thanks. Have a look at the link on my blog which is on similar lines. I'll try a few of yours and let you know the outcome! Don't be disheartened- the www is a big place. This xxxx word verification is acting up!!!!!

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Jude has posted some links to
school's websites from which you can download some excellent reading
lists- for Years 7+ (ages12-18) They're grouped according to subject/genre and each includes a brief outline. For those wishing to do some reasearch, take a look at:

Jez said...

Nice list, thanks I'll have to look into that. Though I'm a little bit suspicious about putting my work on the net sometimes.

And you asked for the link for my x-men fanfiction Confessions of a Future Past, so here you go:

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thanks for this Jez.
I will definitely have a read.