Monday, June 12, 2006

More About Children's Writer's Forums

Before I start today’s blog, I must say a big thank you to Nicky Schmidt, who I’ve known for many years from Wordpool. She listed several new forums. Some of which I have previously been a member and some new ones I’m now thinking of joining, although it will ruin my only allowed to belong to three rule.

Take a look at Nicky's comment at:

When writing back I got a bit carried away and wrote much too much and so it how become the topic for today's blog.When looking for the links to the forum’s Nicky mentioned, I noticed that the Children’s Writers forum is the number Yahoo group for writing for children. There are 1976 members and it was founded on September 21st 1998. Here is the link:

This list is for discussion of writing (and illustrating) for children in all media, including such topics as creativity, work styles and techniques, marketing and promotion, dealing with rejection, etc. They allow off-topic posts though we ask that they grow out of on-topic discussions. As Nicky said it is a very prolific list and the that is the reason I decided to leave the group.

The Children’s Publishers Group is the third top yahoo group for children’s writing. There are 421 members and it was founded on Dec 11, 2004. Here is the link for anyone who is interested in finding out more:

This discussion forum focuses on Manuscript Submissions and Children's Publishers. Feel free to ask about dealings with particular publishers, to seek URLs for Publisher Websites, to find out current editor's names, etc.Questions regarding "Who" to submit to must be accompanied by the steps you've already taken to research the marketplace and submissions you've already made. If you have searched, and are sincerely at a loss regarding who to submit to, you may find some suggestions here if it is evident you've made a sincere effort to research your market.

I left this group because people did not keep to the rules and I found that frustrating. In the end I found it to be much the same as Wordpool but I preferred Wordpool. They even suggest if you have no clue where to begin, begin with:

Generally speaking, other "How to write for children" questions can be found through other resources including the Colossal Directory website:

The cw-biz site is the fifth most popular writer’s forum for children. It has 355 members and was founded on Nov 10, 2004. Here is the link:

This is a discussion group for adults who write and illustrate for children. No politics, religion, flame wars or critiques allowed and culprits will be banned if they try to discuss these subjects.

The link for the Children’s F and SF Writers is:

They have 346 members and is aimed at those interested in writing Middle Grade and Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction. This list is for the discussion of craft, marketing and publishing Fantasy and Science Fiction for ages 8 through teens. No fiction may be posted on the list, but members are free to request off-list critiques or set up off-list critique groups. They were founded on Jun 21, 2000. I never knew this group existed and I am thinking of joining this forum.

Another group I have found today in my research into Yahoo groups is:

This is a newsletter that covers the business of the publishing industry for people who write and illustrate for children. There are 58 members and was founded on Jul 15, 2005. I am also thinking of joining this group and will let you know what I think at a later date.

If anyone would like to look through the Yahoo database at any of the other forums related to writing for children this is the link:


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