Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Writing Day

Today, I thought I'd write something about my writing day and why I write. I spent many years teaching full time and although I loved working with the children, the adults got on my nerves a bit. This says a lot about me. I hated all the bureaucracy. This is why I prefer to stay at home and write, under the pretence I am looking after my three-year-old son.

I snatch every minute I can to write and I do write something everyday, although I've no idea how many words I write on a daily basis. Sometimes I spend the day editing a piece and other days I write something new. Sometimes, I spend the whole day engrossed in research, which I love. Everyday, my three-year-old son yells at me to get off the computer and says he doesn't want to wait hours for lunch, because I've nipped upstairs for something and accidentally sat down at the computer and started typing. I’m obsessed.

Often, I use writing as an excuse for procrastination, writing something else because I'm avoiding the job I'm supposed to do, this may be consciously or sub-consciously. Usually the jobs I'm avoiding are the housework. But, I'm sure the only reason I've started this blog is because I can't face finishing the article I'm meant to be writing for Writers' Forum.

The article in question is nearly finished but will need a lot of editing, as it is too long. When I finally get round to completing it, I suspect it will be out-of-date, at this rate. Although, they expressed an interest in the idea and sent me their guidelines, I think it will still be an unsolicited manuscript. Maybe that's the problem.

I work best to deadlines, as it helps me organise my time. I write copious lists that span five sides of A4, in priority order and work through them. Usually, they break down a big job into smaller segments. One side of A4 may be only one project. I flit about a bit with my projects and that is why I need a list.

When I get into a piece of writing, it is hard to drag me away. I can't think of anything else my mind is away on an adventure with my characters, whether it's a children’s story or a short story for a woman’s magazine. I don't live in the real world I live in my imagination. This is when I am in my element. People talk to me and I can’t really hear what they are saying. This is when my kids get away with murder and literally start killing each other. I’m usually bought back to reality by their screaming.

As you can see, I do not have a set writing routine. I wake up, make the kids their lunches drop them off at school, come home turn on the computer, spend ages checking my mail and updating websites and this blog, get dragged away by my son every ten minutes, sneak back, make lunch, put on Cbeebies to distract my son, do a bit more writing and before I know it, it is time to pick up my other two children and make the dinner.

My day is more interesting when I’m out and about interviewing people for articles for my local paper but not necessarily more fun. My educational resources I don’t consider work at all. It is much the same as when I was planning schemes of work when I was teaching and researching a topic to present to a class. Not that I don't expect to get paid for it because I most certainly do... but that is another story to save for another day.

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