Saturday, April 08, 2006

Going To A Book Launch

Unfortunately, it was not my book launch I attended today. It was the book launch of one of the author's I make a website for. Her name is Della Galton and today her book Passing Shadows was launched at Gulliver's Bookshop in Wimborne Minster, Dorset.

Never having been to a book launch before I did not know what to expect but the excitement rippled through the shop. Over 150 people attended the launch. The queue for Della to sign her book went out of the door and down the street. Her friends and family mingled and discussed how they knew Della and what a prolific writer she was, over wine.

Photo of Della at her book launch with the Mayor

The party continued into the evening, when a large group of invited guests went back to Della’s house in Dorset, for more wine and an incredible Chinese food buffet. The whole day was an amazing experience and I’m pleased I went.

Della has written and had accepted over 30 short stories for women’s magazines just this year. That is over ten every month. It puts me to shame. Her first novel is about a woman, named Maggie, who has to decide whether to lie to her new boyfriend or betray her best friend. This horrible decision is made more complicated by the shadows in Maggie’s past.
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For more information on Della Galton take a look at her website:
Incidently, this is one of the websites I have made. If you would like to see more of the websites I have produced check out:

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