Friday, March 31, 2006

Much To Do About Writing For Children

My goal is to be a highly acclaimed children's author.

I have written:
  • seven picture books
  • three chapter books for the seven to nine years olds, which are part of a series
  • a time-slip fantasy trilogy

All are unpublished.

I have had more success with my educational publishing and have had five books accepted for publishing last year.

  • Literacy Homework Book for Year 4
  • Literacy Homework Book for Year 5
  • Essential Literacy Skills for KS2
  • Exploration and Encounters Resource Pack
  • Pick-Up and Play - 27, 10 Minute plays for Primary School - Year 5

There are several other educational projects in the pipeline.

I have also had some success for writing for adults. I regularly write articles for my local newspaper, the Newbury Weekly News, and have written for various county magazines. I have also had several short stories published in UK's national women's magazines. I am trying to break into the Australian women's magazine market.


mumatwork said...

way to go, anita! congratulations on the birth of your blog! candy

Jude said...

Anita, welcome to the club. I love it. Well done! Now I can put a face to a name. You´ve provided loads of useful info and I´m sure people will get lots of enjoyment from learning about writing. Enjoy the blogging and fingers crossed for your writing.